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Waterproof iPhone 6/ 7 / 8/ X cases let you enjoy diving , surfing , swimming and splashing

Waterproof iPhone 6/7 /8/X cases let you enjoying diving , surfing , swimming and splashing

The iPhone 7 is water-resistant, which is a new feature for Apple’s flagship, but there’s a difference between being water-resistant and waterproof. The iPhone 7 scores an IP67 rating. IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” while the 6 means that it’s dustproof and the 7 means that it can survive being submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. In practice, it may survive longer than that or cope with greater depths, but Apple isn’t making any promises in that regard and we would strongly advise against putting it to the test.

If that level of water resistance isn’t going to cut it for you, and you want to be able to take your new phone surfing, swimming, or to the pool without having to worry, then you should snag a waterproof case. Be careful when shopping for waterproof iPhone 7 cases, however, because there are a few out there that only match the IP67 rating that the iPhone already has. The cases below offer a little something extra. If you just want a new style or drop protection, then check out the best iPhone 7 cases.

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