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Au​di, BM​W and Me​rcedes like to use Alcantara fabric

If you’re in the market for a premium car, you might have stumbled across a material called Alcantara. Widely used in the industry, you’ll find manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes using this suede-like material in their premium and high performance models.

Here’s a guide explaining where it comes from, its uses and whether it’s worth ticking on the options list. For more info, check out our car materials guide. Don’t forget to use our car configurator to get you the best deal on your next new car, direct from the UK’s top dealers.

Alcantara is a suede-like material that you’ll find covering seats, interior trim and steering wheels. It was developed in the 1970s as a durable and long-lasting synthetic alternative to animal products. A patented product, the material is named after the company itself.

Despite having a similar appearance to suede, Alcantara can endure much harsher environments without spoiling its soft and silky characteristics. This makes it an ideal material to use inside cars – it’ll brush off light scuffs and marks with ease, where other materials may be damaged.

Another obvious plus-point are the looks – many performance and high end cars use this material for its grippy texture and premium appearance. While it is more durable and resistant, to keep it looking its best (and your resale values high) you’ll want to keep it clean.

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