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What is Alcantara ? Why many industries use it

What is Alcantara ?

If you've ever read a luxury car review, you've likely come across the word Alcantara. But what is this mystery material all about?

First, a quick history lesson. In 1970, a Japanese scientist by the name of Miyoshi Okamoto developed a synthetic material for Toray Industries, the company he was working for. Two years later, Toray signed an agreement with the aniC Group (which later became an Italian company named Eni), and after Eni formed a joint venture with Toray, a commercial patent was created for the material. Fast forward a few years to 1981, and Alcantara S.p.A. was created with 51% ownership by Eni, and 49% by Toray.

If you peruse Alcantara's website, they describe their product as, "... a unique and innovative covering material, the result of a unique and proprietary technology. It offeres an extraordinary combination of sensory, aesthetic and functional values, and an ethical and social awareness that characterises a contemporary lifestyle."

VIDEO of the Alcantara fabric phone case

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